Some members of the Industrial Chair Research Group
Hydrogenation-derived renewable diesel production costs for several production plants
Techno-economic assessment of hydrogenation-derived renewable diesel production from canola and camelina, published in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 2014
Estimated GHG emissions in surface mining compared to existing literature/models
Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the recovery and extraction of crude bitumen from Canada’s oil sands, published in Appplied Energy, 2015
Hydrogen production costs
Large scale hydrogen production from wind energy for the upgrading of bitumen from oil sands, published in Applied Energy, 2014
June 2013
Conceptual schematic of the wind-hydrogen plant
A techno-economic assessment of large scale wind-hydrogen production with energy storage in Western Canada, published in Hydrogen Energy, 2016
GHG emissions from crude recovery
Greenhouse gas emissions from recovery of various North American conventional crudes, published in Energy, 2014
Water demand coefficients for the power generation from natural gas
Development of life cycle water footprints for gas-fired power generation technologies, Energy and Conversion Management, 2016
Well-to-wire GHG emissions for different Canadian shale gas reserves
A well-to-wire life cycle assessment of Canadian shale gas for electricity generation in China, published in Energy, 2016
System boundary of study, life cycle GHG emissions
Life cycle assessment of hydrogen production from underground coal gasification, published in Applied Energy, 2015
Make-up of LCOE for different feedstocks
Integrated techno-economic and environmental assessments of 60 scenarios for co-firing biomass with coal and natural gas, Applied Energy, 2016
Industrial Research Chair Announcement, June 2013
GHG Cost Curve for Alberta's Demand Sector
GHG emissions per barel of crude
Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in upgrading and refining of Canada's oil sands products, published in Energy, 2015
GHG emissions of an integrated wind-to-hydrogen system
Life cycle assessment of wind-based hydrogen production in western Canada, published in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2016
Cost to ship LNG to Japan in propulsion
A techno-economic study of shipping LNG to the Asia-Pacific from Western Canada by LNG carrier, published in Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 2016


NSERC/Cenovus/Alberta Innovates Associate Industrial Research Chair Program 

This Chair Program conducts research in the area of energy systems and their impacts on the environment, focussing on assessment of both renewable and non-renewable energy sources. While there has been considerable fundamental and applied research dealing with the development of technologies for energy production, conversion and use, system-level research required to understand and evaluate their nexuses with the environment has received less attention. Currently, there is limited research in Canada on a detailed energy-environmental systems assessment of these issues. Canada has a large energy sector with an energy hub in Alberta, and policy/decision makers and the industry they regulate need a detailed scientific knowledge base on which to formulate new energy-sector policies and predict environmental impacts. The NSERC Industrial Research Chair (IRC) in Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering is aimed at providing this knowledge base.

Energy production, conversion, and use, whether directly or indirectly, have environmental impacts. In recent years, the increase of atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) has emerged as one of the most important environmental issues. Energy production, conversion, and use are also associated with fresh water consumption. As energy demand increases, water requirements to sustain this demand will also increase.  Another key interaction the energy sector has with the environment is disturbances in land use patterns. Hence, energy production has a close nexus with air emissions (GHGs), water use, and land use changes. Canada’s large energy sector has to deal with these issues, and it is critical for the province of Alberta because of the intensity of activities in that jurisdiction. This Chair Program will assess the footprints in these areas.

This research initiative is a unique opportunity for a strategic relationship in the area of energy and environmental systems engineering between academia, industry, and the province of Alberta, with the support of the federal government through the NSERC IRC Program. The outcome of the Chair Program will help make better choices on future energy systems for Canadians.

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